The size of tie knot.

I do not really understand why every time that one of the presenters at CBC is improperly dressed that someone has to call me and rant over how that they are dressed, especially since I do not ever watch CBC for that same reason and the fact that it really doesn’t show anything of substance other than a lot of old repeat programs.

Tonight my best friend who is one that understands fashion called me frustrated as usual regarding the tie that the presenter was wearing. The first thing that is wrong with this presenter as I have noticed on the few occasions that I have watched the news before, is that all of his ties are very broad and outdated for today’s current fashion trend for the style of the jacket lapel and that the knot of the tie is bigger than the blade (broadest section of the tie).

It would appear to anyone that does not understand fashion that he had tied the knot with the blade rather than with the tail. The correct width of a tie is determined by the width of the jacket lapel or the size of the individual. As lapels get wider due to fashion change, the width of the lapel increases and visa versa. As you upgrade your suit collection bare in mind that you will have to take into consideration also your tie collection if you want to be in fashion.


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