The Job Interview

DRESS FOR JOB INTERVIEWThere is an old saying, “that first impression is a lasting impression”. It is highly advisable that when going for a job interview that you dress appropriately, wear and look your best, as the old people would say, “wear your Sunday best”, in other words, you want to dress as professional as you could regardless to the type of work that you are being interviewed for.

When going for a job interview, it important that you make an impactful first impression on the interviewer because your attire makes a statement about you before you even open your mouth. The perception of the interviewer formulates in their mind an initial impression of your appearance on how you look and note that you are being judged as soon as you enter the interview room.

Your appearance shows that you are taking the opportunity seriously and that you want to make a good impression to show that you can fit into the company organization.

Choose the appropriate attire for the interview, otherwise you are sending the wrong message that you do not understand what it takes to be successful, if you are not, then this could be one a strike against you getting the job.

Before going to an interview, you need to do some research on the company regarding its operation in order that you would be in a better position to answer any questions during the interview by the interviewer regarding the company and could weigh heavily in your favour in getting the job.

Normally, a person dressed in professional business attire such as a skirt suit will make a good impression on the interviewer than a person who is casually dressed.

There are different types of interviews which are based on the type of services been offered by the business, whether it is one that provides professional services or casual services.

The attire for a professional interview

  • Dark colour skirt suit with the skirt length two inches above the knee and slim fitting.
  • A white shirt is preferable to a blouse, but a light blue shirt would be quite acceptable and no cleavage should be shown.
  • Shoes should be closed- toe with low heels and polished.
  • Hosiery should be of a flesh toned colour.
  • Hair should be neat and groomed.
  • Nails should be cleaned and well manicured.
  • Limited jewllery, small earrings, watch and a ring.

THE JOB INREVIEW ROOMDo not take into the interview room any gum, liquids or your cell phone. Cover any tattoos that are visible to the eye and remove all body piercing, with the exception of a pair of small earrings and remove any excessive rings from fingers.

It is important that you pay close attention to your posture and body language, cross your legs at the ankles, slightly back and not at the knees. Maintain eye contact and give a solid handshake.

Do not make the mistake of overdressing or being too flashy, refrain from showing too much skin and it is advisable that you do not wear any perfume and too much makeup. If it is that you have to wear perfume, just a dab behind the ears or to the inside of the wrist will suffice. Do not bathe yourself with perfume; it is offensive and irritating to most people. It is these small mistakes that could cost you the chance of landing a job offer.


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