The Art of Accessorising

FEMALE ACCESSORIESThe majority of women have a wardrobe full of clothing, especially those who are seriously into fashion and cannot help buying the latest of fashions. But yet, most of them do not pay attention to buying accessories to match the outfit when shopping.

Accessories are important and have become a very important look to every woman’s everyday attire; a single piece of accessory can make a simple outfit look extraordinary.

Clothing and accessories are both very important which forms a synergy between the two, which creates an ensemble that makes a personal statement about who you are, which has been the trend for many years.

The reason why accessories are so important is because, similar to your clothing, certain occasions require appropriate pieces of accessories. A particular piece of jewellery might be suitable for a particular function and outfit, but might not be appropriate for another occasion.

A person can simply change a particular piece of accessory and a simple outfit and create an entire different look for another different type of occasion.

Accessories help to emphasize one’s personal taste, preference and style. This will vary from individual to individual, depending on their take on fashion and what dressing means to them or affordability.

When it comes to achieving a particular look, accessories are the most important details that are acquired to bring out that unique look.

When it comes to accessories, certain individual pieces may not make a statement or impact on their own, but when combined with clothing could help enhance a complete look to an outfit.

One of the most frequently asked questions over the years was whether gold and silver jewellery can be mixed? Yes! It is appropriate to wear jewellery that is a mixture of gold and silver. Traditionally, it was thought then and regarded that wearing gold and silver together was taboo.

Many modern day designers are making and mixing pieces of jewellery with both gold and silver. What is not fashionable and incorrect, is to wear a layer of necklaces of different materials and lengths, including gold and silver.

A woman’s wardrobe is not complete unless it contains the basic pieces of accessories that are compatible and versatile to her wardrobe and for any occasion.

  1. Watch
  2. Belt
  3. Earrings
  4. Leather Hand bag
  5. Necklace
  6. Pearl necklace
  7. Hat
  8. Sun glasses
  9. Scarf
  10. Small clutch bag
  11. Hair accessories

The selection of accessories can be a difficult proposition in comparison to selecting clothes, it is a completely different process that can either make an outfit rock or flop.

One can develop their own personal sense of style through the use of accessories to acquire the right techniques by utilizing the many different websites, fashion magazines and fashion blogs.

The use of this wide range of information and fashion tips, especially on what the celebrities are wearing could be an inspiration for you in choosing your accessories.

The majority of celebrities use a signature piece of accessory to showcase and personalize their outfits, which becomes their trademark.

This does not mean that you have to follow all the latest trends, select one or two pieces that jump out at you the most and add them to your individual taste and your wardrobe would still be fresh and updated.

The same way that one takes chances in operating a business, you have to take chances in selecting your accessories and do not stick to the same old habits and routine. You do not have to go overboard in your selections; do not be afraid to step out of the box.

Occasionally, try something slightly different from the norm, experiment with your accessories and interchange the pieces with different outfits.

Remember that by developing your own style through a signature piece, will enhance your appearance and cause people to take notice and pay more attention to you and your image as a fashionista will grow.


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