Paying Attention to Detail

SUIT DETAILWhen it comes to men’s clothing and shopping, most men are not as fussy and do not usually take the time to shop around for their clothes as women do. Most men have a tendency to buy the first thing that they see, except in the case of a motor car in which they usually pay more attention to.

Although the men of today spend much more on clothing than the men of yesteryear, yet they are fewer men these days that dress as well as the men of that period.

There are many reasons for this, in the past fashion trends were set by the designers but has changed in recent years and are now influenced by celebrities, business executives, politicians, musicians and movie actors because they are constantly in the public eyes.

Dressing is not that difficult and the key to dressing smart is having a trim body and not one that is overweight, the fit of the garment and paying attention to detail.

Steve Harvey the television celebrity is the best dress man on the planet and the reason why he is, is because he pays attention to detail, whether he is dressed for a formal occasion, work or just casually. The Steve Harvey Show - Season 1Mr. Harvey is always immaculately attired because every piece of his attire matches and fits perfectly because he pays attention to detail, which men should epitomize as a sartorial measuring stick when it comes to dressing.

Garments that are purchased off the rack will never fit or flatter the body as well as a custom made garment, because garments purchased from the rack require alterations to achieve a more personal fit than a garment custom made to your actual body measurements.

The following guidelines should be adhered to in order to achieve a flattering fit:

The Suit Jacket

The length is determined by the hem in line with the palm of the hand when folded.

The side seams should be tapered.

MENS SUITThe sleeve should cover the wrist bone. Note that one sleeve is normally longer than the other and should be adjusted.

The sleeves should not have a press seam, but a roll seam as well as the lapel

The shoulder seam should fit at the shoulder joint.

The collar should be ½ -3/4 inch below the shirt collar and should not stick out from the shirt collar.

The armscye (armhole) should be deep enough to allow the arms to move freely when raising the arms.

When buttoned, should not pull across the chest or shoulders when the arms are folded. There should be 6-8 inches of ease at the waist line.

The top button of a two button suit is always two inches above the waistline, and never buttoned the bottom button.

When buttoned, should not form an x and if it does, it means that it is too tight.

The Dress Shirt

The collar should fit close to the neck and when buttoned, two fingers should be able fit between the neck and collar for ease.

The cuff length should be in line with the wrist joint.

The shoulder seam should be at the shoulder joint.

The sleeves should be loose fitting and should not have press crease seam.

The arm hoe should be deep to allow free movement.


The tie should fit under the collar.

The size of the knot depends on the cut of the collar and should have a dimple.

The length should be in line with the belt.

Dress Pants

The pants should fit snug at the waistline.

The legs should not fit tight or across the hips.

The hem should rest on the tip of the shoe or have one or two breaks. At no time should the hem be dragging on the ground.

The socks always match the pants.


Shoes should always fit comfortable. Shoes should always be polished and shining.

The belt always matches the shoes.

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