Major fashion mistakes Bajan men make

MENS SUITWhen it comes to men’s fashion and dressing, Barbadian men have been going against the grain for many years and sort of doing their own thing. Yes, like anything else, the world is governed by rules and regulations, dressing is no different and we should adhere to them.

The problem is, that we are a follow pattern society and tends to want to outdo each other, not only in fashion, but everything else. Because of our laid back society and when it comes to dressing they do their own thing regardless to if it is right or wrong.

What men and women get away with here would be considered as a fashion blunder or mishap in the fashion world. There are major mistakes that Barbadian men make in dressing and should be avoided, although there are countless of mistakes that men make throughout the world of fashion, my comments are base on some of the major mistakes that Barbadian men have been making throughout the years and continue to do so.

  1. The number one mistake that men make is the buttoning of all the buttons on a jacket. On a two button jacket, only the top button is buttoned and the bottom button is never If ever in doubt, just remember the basic rule of a three buttoned suit, top button – sometimes, middle button – always and the bottom button – never. The rule applies to the buttoning of a two button suit also.
  2. Designer label on the bottom of the left sleeve. The purpose of this label is for inventory purposes only.
  3. Baggy suit. Nothing looks worst than to see a man in an ill fitting baggy suit. If you cannot afford to have a suit custom made, then find yourself a good tailor and have that suit you bought from off the rack altered.
  4. Cologne not being administered properly. It appears as if most men bathe themselves rather than applying a dab behind the ears, neck or on the inner wrist.
  5. Sitting down with a jacket buttoned. When standing or walking, the jacket should always be buttoned and unbuttoned when sitting because it causes the jacket to wrinkle across the mid section and also put a great strain on the buttons and button holes. Most important, is that the front panel of the jacket was not designed for the buttoning of the bottom button.
  6. Jacket sleeves down to the finger tips. Sleeves length should end at the break of the wrist.
  7. Pants without a belt. Pants should be worn at the waistline because that is where they were cut to be worn and not for your underwear to be shown.
  8. Wearing suspenders and a belt together, remember; it is either one or the other and not both together.
  9. Pants length. The dress pants hem should just touch the top of the shoe or have a slight break and should never be dragging on the ground.
  10. Bulky wallets or keys in pants pockets have tendency to wears out the fabric and pocket lining. Having a pen in the jacket breast pocket is very childish which was designed only for one purpose and that is the pocket square.
  11. Short sleeve shirts should never be worn with a tie.
  12. Nothing looks as bad as to see a grown man wearing his tie half way up his stomach. Looks as if  he is wearing a child’s tie.
  13. Socks should match the pants and should not be worn with sandals.
  14. The wearing of brown shoes with a black suit.

Since most men do not wear suits every day, because of their type of work, one could understand why they would make these mistakes. If they pay more attention to these details, it would save them the embarrassment and being ridicule by those who are more fashion conscious and who pays attention to detail.


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