These tutorials are being given as a result of years of the request from my former students and the general public to resume teaching and the constant pressure of being reminded that knowledge should be shared and not taken to the grave.

The tutorials are structured in the simplest form and target the novice, seamstresses, tailors, designers, and as an additional research source for schools that are preparing for CXC exams or anyone that is just interested in knowing about garments and how they are constructed.

Along the way, I will dismiss some of the myths that some people have regarding garment making and I will also allude to some of the trade secrets within the garment industry. The areas that I will address throughout the tutorials are as follows, all areas of garment making pattern making, grading, quality control, types of equipment and accessories, costing, manufacturing, fabric, and cutting.

Last but not least, I will reply to as many of your request for information on any of the topics depending on the quantity, but please bare in mind that it takes time to prepare the various articles and that I still have a life of my own as much as I want to share my knowledge with all of you and that it is all voluntary.

It is important that you know or realize that everybody falls into a particular size category according to their body measurements. Although people come in all types of shapes and heights, they still fall into a particular size. Let me clarify at this point that garment making falls into two categories, mass production or custom made. Mass production is where garments are produced in a factory setting and manufactured in bulk, all produced in the same size and needs some form of alterations for some of the purchasers, depending on their shape.

Custom made is where a garment is made specifically for an individual using their personal body measurements and the customer usually have one or two fittings.


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