STRIPES AND PLAIDS TIE COMThis is one topic that always proves to be a headache for most men and one that most men usually get wrong. Most men have a tendency to purchase their suits first and their shirt and tie after, but the real fashion cautious man would normally purchase all three together.

As a matter of fact, in most cases if it is a special function such as a wedding or an award ceremony, he would select his entire outfit at the same time. Whichever combination that you do choose, you will be faced with some challenges in coordinating dress shirts and ties.

There are some basic rules that if one adhere to, that they would not encounter any difficulty in putting the right combination together. In most cases, men usually purchase their shirt and tie combination together.

Here are a few options and guidelines that you can follow in achieving your goals. Every man’s wardrobe should consist, but not limited to at least five plain white shirts in his closet, which is the foundation of his wardrobe, since any other colour will go with it.

If you want to show off that one special favorite fancy tie that you love so much, just wear it with a white shirt and you will sure receive a lot of attention and comments from admirers. If at any time that you are unsure as to what colour shirt to wear with a particular tie, just wear a white shirt.

For plain coloured shirts, you will definitely be faced with some challenges in coordinating your ties, since you are dealing with two or more colours. With pale coloured shirts, one should wear a bright colour solid tie. Always keep in mind that the colour of your tie should be brighter than your pale shirt and the reverse for bright coloured shirts.

Most men usually have a difficult time in selecting the correct tie to wear when it comes to stripes and patterned shirts in coordinating the two. The first thing that you need to do is to select the dominant colour in the shirt and then choose a coordinating tie.

In the case of where it is a stripe shirt, choose a tie that has a pattern to break up the stripes on the shirt and one that will definitely stand out from the shirt. If your choice of tie happens to be one with stripes, you should select one where the stripes are diagonal and that the stripes of the tie and shirt are not both of the same size.

Bear in mind that the tie should always stand out from the shirt and therefore the stripes on the tie should be larger than the stripes on the shirt. The same principle should be adhered to in coordinating the checkered or patterned shirt as in the case as that of the stripe shirt. However, in this case, the stripes in the tie should be diagonal when wearing a checkered shirt or if the tie has a pattern, that it is larger than the checkered shirt.


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