How to dress the overweight man

BIG BELLYSo you were once a flashy dresser and always made a fashion statement whenever you were dressed for a particular occasion in your younger days as a teenager and a young man.

Since all of that changed as the years rolled by and all the sports activities that you were once involved in diminished, due to the long hours of work and the pressure of having to raise a family, and which had now taken a toll on the body causing it to become overweight.

You have now found yourself without that six pack that you once had as a young fit man, but now find yourself with a tire around your waist, well do not panic, all is not lost.

This does not mean that you cannot dress as sharp as you once did and neither does it mean that you have to dress poorly just because you have added a few pounds and the clothes in your wardrobe are all too small and no longer fit you like before.

As far as clothes and black people are concern, they start out at a disadvantage, in that clothes are designed for white people and not black people, because of the body types and structure differ immensely.

Black people have small waistlines, crotch length and large hips, while white people have a long crotch line and small hips. Very few black people can purchase a suit off the rack and have it fit perfectly, 98 per cent of them will have to have a suit off the rack altered by a tailor.

To eliminate the problems of a poorly fitting garment, it is best to have a garment custom made in order to get a perfect fit. If you have gotten a little rotund around the waist line from all the pork chops, beer and junk food over the years or have other weight issues, do not be depressed over the situation, the following tips will help you to dress and feel better about yourself and that will compliment your body.

  1. Clothes should not fit tight but loose and should have enough body ease so as to not draw attention too or reveal all the humps and bumps.
  2. Do not wear horizontal or diagonal stripes; this is definitely the biggest no-no that an overweight person could commit. Stripes and diagonals tend to make an overweight person look bigger and draws attention to the very areas that they want to conceal. It is best to wear pin stripes which make the body appear to be longer and thinner.
  3. Never wear bold prints or large patterns. Wear solid colours, again prints makes make you look bigger.
  4. Keep your wardrobe simple. Basic every day clothing that can be worn for any occasion without making any fashion mistakes.
  5. Do not wear clothes that fit snug or baggy, baggy clothes tend to make an overweight person look sloppy.
  6. Never wear pants with pleats, since it adds bulk to the area and make you look bigger.
  7. Wear suspenders and not a belt, never wear the two together.
  8. Never wear slim fitting pants, wear straight legged pants.
  9. Lose weight and you would never have a headache about what to wear for any occasion.

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