How to dress for television

Recently there has been a lot of talk regarding how the local television media presenters were dressing when presenting the news or other programs. This article will address the dos and don’ts of how to dress for television. It would be advisable if the local television station, public personalities and the general public would take notice to the following tips prepared here as a guide. One should bear in mind that the audience should be focusing on your face, on you and what you have to say and not on what you are wearing. The most important rule to remember is to keep your attire plain and simple and you cannot go wrong. Do not wear black or white, wear colours that fall into the medium category such as brown, green, purple, blue, gold, dark gray etc. Do not wear checks, stripes, large prints, patterns, glittery material or plaids. It is okay to wear small checks, pinstripes, small prints and patterns. Do not wear clothes that appears to be too tight and that clings to your body. Do not wear jewellery that attract and reflects the light. One should wear accessories such as scarves, brooches or ties that does not reflect light, could be of a small pattern, not overstated and should compliment your
attire. If these simple guidelines are adhered to in the light that it is supposed to be taken, then you will be on the right track.

Wayne R. Cadogan

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