How To Dress at 50

SUIT IMAGE 2Although most fashion conscious men would have spent years building their wardrobes doesn’t mean that because they have grown older and more mature that they have to get rid of everything and start all over again, of course a few things will have to go but you should still keep your wardrobe as simple as possible and invest in quality pieces of garments.

You are now at the stage of your life where you are older, more mature and where your body has gone through a number of changes and you are not as fit as you were as a teenager or young adult.

You have now reached the golden age of 50 and have packed on a few pounds, more responsibility at home and work, where you may have reached as manager or boss or even own the business.

This is the period of your life that you would be attending business meetings, formal affairs and where your wardrobe should reflect a more professional look, rather than the teenager or young adult look.

It is at this stage that your wardrobe should consist of a tuxedo or two, grey suit, black suit, tailored suits, accessories such as a nice watch, cufflinks and tie tacks.

It is at this stage in a man’s life that he should be paying greater attention to his grooming habits, such as his hair, beard, clipping the hair in his nostrils, ears and should apply just a dab of cologne to the pulse points which are, behind the ears, neck and wrist.

Most men have a tendency to bathe their entire body, which can be very uncomfortable to others especially in a room full of people.


As an older man, you should not be wearing clothes that are too small for your body structure, especially if you have packed on a few pounds, and is not as fit as you were as a teenager and is a bit overweight.

Nothing looks worse or as gaudy as to see a mature man in torn or faded out jeans, they are for teenagers, not grown adults. If you have to wear jeans, invest in a dark blue pair that is straight legged.

As a mature man, you do not necessarily have to wear a suit when dressing casually, a long sleeve shirt with the cuffs turn back twice is quite appropriate with jeans, loafers or a pair of laced up shoes.

THE CASUAL BLAZER LOOKThe same dressing principles that apply to young men should apply to older men, you should dress up and take pride in your appearance and not look dowdy.

It is a way of introducing yourself to the world and how people see you, should not be fitting tight, but comfortable. Wear clothes that fit, not baggy, get involved in a fitness program and exercise to stay fit.

Wear colours that flatters your skin tone, your clothes should make you standout from others that you are in the same room with, without appearing as if you are trying to hide your age.

You should occasionally embrace simple styles to show that you are still in tune with the current trends. Wear clothes that make you feel good with yourself and comfortable, make you feel and look your best.

Your clothes should improve your personality, and if you do not look or feel your best, then your clothes are not doing or saying anything for you or doing what they were design to do.



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