How to Choose a basic wardrobe

When it comes to men’s clothing and their wardrobe, whether you are a businessman, white collar, blue collar, general worker or even a non worker, there are basically a few essential pieces of clothing that should be the mainstay of his wardrobe.

Your wardrobe does not have to comprise of a lot of expensive clothes, you can be thrifty in purchasing clothes and still look smart. I would strongly suggest that before going out to buy a few pieces of garments for thousands of dollars, especially in these harsh economic times, to consider buying pieces of clothing that can be mixed and match.

This is a unique method of getting more out of your wardrobe for less, what you will be achieving is not limiting yourself to a limited wardrobe. As a matter of fact, you can buy low-end (cheaper) garments with high-end ones and coordinate them together in order to achieve the most out of your wardrobe.WARDROBE

On building your wardrobe, you should keep in mind and concentrate on purchasing the five main colours that every man should have in his wardrobe, Black, Navy, Khaki, Olive and White. This is not written in stone and will vary according to individual preference of colour and taste.

Remember that your wardrobe will be building as the years go by, therefore your basic wardrobe should consist of the following core pieces of garments:

  1. Navy blue blazer
  2. Charcoal dress pants
  3. White V-neck and crew neck ender shirts
  4. Five dress shirts
  5. Tie
  6. Black belt
  7. Pair of black plain lace round or pointed tip dress shoes
  8. Pair of blue jeans
  9. Pair of sneakers
  10. T-Shirt
  11. Tailored  grey suit

For the man that has a limited budget, who is fashion conscious and like to dress, this does not mean that he cannot achieve those objectives because of his financial status, should be thinking “interchangeability” a key word in the world of fashion.

The key to attaining those goals is to have an interchangeable wardrobe with other pieces of clothing to go with your core pieces that can create many other combinations. Your interchangeable wardrobe allows you to mix and match to create a variety of styles and should be achieved over a period of time.

Bear in mind that when purchasing pieces of clothing to go with your core pieces, that these pieces are to accentuate your core pieces of clothing to make you look dapper. These pieces normally would not look exciting on their own, but when mix with your core pieces, they create a unique and fashionable look.

The secret of the best dress man is an interchangeable wardrobe that creates a look that is well put together and does not draw attention or come across as too flashy. Last but not least, pay attention to fit; this is the most important aspect of your clothing.

You are not going to look good if your clothes do not fit comfortable, they should not be too tight, baggy or fitting like a sack of potatoes, remember that each piece of clothing has to compliment the other.

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