How a Man Suit Should Fit Part 1

Good-Fit-vs-Bad-Fit-400Like everything else in life, rules and regulations dictates what is right and what is wrong and fashion is no different to the norm. Because a man is wearing a suit, does not necessarily mean that he looks good in it and that he is dressed immaculately. The most important thing about wearing a suit is the fit and therefore, when choosing a suit, the quality of the material and the fit should be the focal point on one’s mind. The biggest mistake that men usually make in choosing a suit, is because it looks good on a model, on another person or the colour and therefore they must have the same suit too!

Before elaborating on how a man suit should fit, it is imperative that I explain the difference between a custom made suit and one that is purchased off the rack. A suit that is purchased off the rack is mass produced in a factory setting by the hundreds to fit a person that falls into a particular size, example a size 40. Since people come in all shapes and sizes, and each person falls into a particular size, some form of alterations is always required to get a purchased suit to fit each  individual person properly and not like a sack of potatoes.

A custom made suit is made for a particular individual using their body measurements and shape to acquire that perfect fit for that individual person, once completed after a number of fittings and adjustments, the perfect fit should be acquired for that particular individual and would there not fit another individual in the same manner.

It is very unfortunate that most Barbadian men have a tendency to make the same mistake when wearing a suit, and these simple errors are frowned upon in the international world and should be avoided. The number one mistake that most Barbadian men make when wearing a suit, is buttoning the bottom button of the jacket. It appears to me, that most men feel that all the buttons on a jacket is to be buttoned, because they are there. If ever in doubt, just remember this rhyme, top button sometimes and middle button all the time, but the bottom button never buttons.


Some of the more prominent errors that are made are, the collar of the jacket sticking out from the neck, jacket sleeves covering their finger tips, designer label on the sleeves, pants hem dragging on the ground, tie too long, sitting down with the jacket buttoned when it should be unbuttoned and when standing or walking, the jacket unbuttoned.

In part 2, I will address the correct methods of wearing a suit and the type of alterations to achieve the proper fit.


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