Dressing the mature woman

THE WOMAN OLDER LOOKIt has been stated by one of the leading authors on fashion, that the number one mistake that women make is shopping by size and not fit. It is very difficult for women to let go of that once size 8 that they wore many moons ago as a teenager or as a young adult. “They are married to an 8 but the 10 starts fitting a little better (having an affixation by a small size and would not accept the fact that the size 8 that they once wore when they were in their teens, does not longer fit now that they are in their 40’s)”.

You need to forget the number and get the larger size that actually fit your body and be comfortable and still look gorgeous. Buy clothes that fit, and not the smaller size that you would like to be, stop dreaming and fantasizing, the larger size will look and fit a whole lot better as well as enhance your body.

Always consider first your age, body structure and your life style before purchasing a piece of garment. Everything that is in fashion and trendy does not mean that it is suitable for you; wear pieces that make people look at you and take notice, in other words, dress well.

One of the first things that you need to do is to clean out your closet of some of the things that you do not wear anymore, or have just been sitting there in the closet for years because you have out grown them or had become to attach to them to get rid of. Once you have done that, you can buy a few classic pieces to mix with the pieces in your closet. Organize your closet by colour and hang pieces together by pairing tops and bottoms together, which make coordinating and choosing what to wear less of a headache.

When you have reached middle age and have lost that stunning coke bottle figure that you once possess as a teenager or as a young lady, and the waistline has now disappeared, you should always wear a belt at the waistline to help give some shape to the body.

If you purchase a jacket off the rack, have your tailor or seamstress tapered at the waistline to make you look slimmer and younger rather than the baggy look like a box. If you happen to have a large bust line, wear your jackets open rather than buttoned because it makes you look like a box and try to avoid wearing the conservative jacket since it would make you look older.

It is wise to avoid clothes that are trendy, which is only for a short time, stick to the more classic look, which will last a longer time and always fresh and modern. You should still be trend conscious, but dress appropriate for your age, but can still wear clothes that are trendy as long as the fabric is of a high quality.

Regardless of your age, there are certain styles that you should not wear to avoid looking like a fashion faux pas. Keep it simple, do not over dress, and keep your colours neutral and the classic look.

Do not ever wear a low cut blouse with a classic blazer. Avoid wearing short or sleeveless blouses; wear three quarter length sleeves to hide flabby arms. When you have reached middle age, you should never show your arms, wear torn jeans or shorts, you should dress suitable.

Avoid wearing floor length printed floral dresses, elastic waist pants, large oversize t-shirts, unstructured suits and pants, sweaters with appliqués, sequins, and embroidery, stick to flat solid colours.

Tailored pants suits are a must and can be worn for any function day or night, in the office, business meetings, parties or church and always look trendy. Wear tailored black pants, wear A-line or straight skirts just below the knee line.  Wear shoes that have slight heels, loose fitted t-shirts and tank tops with jackets.

If you find a piece or pieces that suits you best and flatters your figure, do not be afraid to wear it on more than one Accessories for womenoccasion, make it work for you as your personal signature style and accessorize it with watches, necklaces and bold sunglasses.

Being a certain age does not mean that you cannot dress fashionable and stylish. You can look fashionable and gorgeous at any age. Although the majority of fashion trends are designed towards the younger generation does not mean that you cannot look fabulous at age 50.

Keep your colors solid and your patterns down to a minimum keep it simple and use accessories to pull off your outfits.  Age gracefully and dress your age.


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