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How a Man Suit Should Fit Part 1

Like everything else in life, rules and regulations dictates what is right and what is wrong and fashion is no different to the norm. Because a man is wearing a suit, does not necessarily mean that he looks good in it and that he is dressed immaculately. The most important thing about wearing a suit

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The Job Interview

There is an old saying, “that first impression is a lasting impression”. It is highly advisable that when going for a job interview that you dress appropriately, wear and look your best, as the old people would say, “wear your Sunday best”, in other words, you want to dress as professional as you could regardless

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The Art of Accessorising

The majority of women have a wardrobe full of clothing, especially those who are seriously into fashion and cannot help buying the latest of fashions. But yet, most of them do not pay attention to buying accessories to match the outfit when shopping. Accessories are important and have become a very important look to every

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Dressing the mature woman

It has been stated by one of the leading authors on fashion, that the number one mistake that women make is shopping by size and not fit. It is very difficult for women to let go of that once size 8 that they wore many moons ago as a teenager or as a young adult.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Office Wear

It is important that you understand what is referred to as office wear! Therefore it is critical that you understand how work related clothing is normally categorized, as white collar or blue collar. White-collar refer to those jobs that require that you wear a shirt and tie in an office setting.  They are highly skilled

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What is Fashion?

It is important that I start this series off on women’s fashion to help alleviate some of the misconceptions that most women have regarding garments and fashion. First, one has to look at the historical and construction aspect of clothing. What is fashion? According to Fairchild’s Dictionary of Fashion, fashion is “Custom or style of

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How to dress the overweight man

So you were once a flashy dresser and always made a fashion statement whenever you were dressed for a particular occasion in your younger days as a teenager and a young man. Since all of that changed as the years rolled by and all the sports activities that you were once involved in diminished, due

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